Test Kit (Non-Latex) (2941NL)

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Test Kit


  • Your goal is to test instrument accuracy, not the process of blood pressure measurement. You will need a Baumanometer® instrument (mercury-gravity standard) and a “Y” connector with an inflation bulb and valve attached (see below for Test Kit ordering information). Connect one leg to the Baumanometer® instrument and the other to the blood pressure instrument to be tested.
  • Note: Cuffs and Bags are not used when conducting this test. 
      The Pressure Standard: A Baumanometer® instrument is functioning correctly and should be used as the pressure standard if:
  • The mercury meniscus is at zero with no pressure applied to the instrument.
  • The instrument is in a vertical position. note: The Standby model is calibrated at a 20o angle
  • The instrument responds promptly to pressure changes.

  • Any two Baumanometer® instruments, regardless of age, will provide accurate linear pressure readings at every pressure level if they meet the stated criteria for a correctly functioning manometer.

    Test Procedure: Check each instrument to be sure that it is at zero. Slowly inflate the instruments to 250 mmHg and compare the readings. They should be the same, however a deviation of +/- 3 mmHg is acceptable. Repeat this procedure at 200 mmHg, 150 mmHg, 100 mmHg, 50 mmHg and 0 mmHg. If the deviation is greater than +/- 3 mmHg at any of these points, the instrument being tested is inaccurate and needs adjustment or repair.
  • Calibration "Y" connector (To use your Baumanometer® instrument as a standard for pressure measurement).


  • "Calibration "Y" connector with 1 ft. #2911 or #2911nL tubing on each leg with #1890 or #1890nL Bulb and Air-Flo® Control Valve

Non Latex


      • When used with a "Y" connector, any Baumanometer® instrument can be used to check the accuracy of any other blood pressure device.