Baum Roll-By® Mobile Aneroid (1151)

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Baum Roll-By® mobile aneroid


    • 300 mmHg clinical sphygmomanometer for mobile use.
    • Meets the American National Standard ANSI/AAMI SP-10 for accuracy and performance.
    • Available with Latex or Non-Latex components.
    • Unique, low reflection, high contrast scale and red pointer to increase visibility and reduce parallax error.
    • Diecast aluminum 5-wheel base(20”dia.) with 2”hooded casters and 2lb. cast iron weight for increased stability.
    • Manometer housing is mounted at a 20° angle for ease of viewing.
    • Heavy gauge machined aluminum tubing.
    • Calibrated® V-Lok® inflation System and 8 feet of Extendex® coiled tubing.

    Baum Roll-By® model 1150 - Large Basket

    • The Baum Roll-By® model 1150 has a large circular (360°) basket to store a full complement of inflation systems.


    • Neutral White ABS plastic

    Packaged Dimensions:

    • 22” L x 211⁄2” W x 151⁄4” H

    Packaged Weight:

    • 17.70 lbs.

    Standard Cuff Color:

    • Medium Blue

    Cuff Size:

    • Child/Small Adult

    Inflation System:

    • Calibrated® V-Lok®

    Cuff Holder:

    • Large Circular Basket