Baum Wall Aneroid (Non-Latex) (0933NL)

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Baum Wall Aneroid


  • 300 mmHg swivel-type (110° arc) clinical sphygmomanometer for wall mounting.
  • Meets the American National Standard ANSI/AAMI SP-10 for accuracy and performance.
  • Available with Latex or Non-Latex components.
  • Neutral White ABS plastic manometer with chrome plated steel bracket.
  • Unique high contrast scale and red pointer increase visibility and reduce parallax error.
  • 2 convenient cuff storage options available: large basket or small basket.

Instrument Finish:

  • Neutral White ABS Plastic.

Instrument Dimensions:

  • 61⁄4” L x 61⁄4” W x 4” H

Packaged Dimensions:

  • 105⁄8” L x 71⁄4” W x 71⁄2” H

Instrument Weight:

  • 1.10 lbs.

Packaged Weight:

  • 3.25 lbs

Inflation System:

  • None (with 8 ft. Extendex® tubing only)


  • No Basket

Non Latex