Baum Bulb and Air-Flo® Control Valve (1890)

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Baum Bulb and Air-Flo® Control Valve

This pressure source for all sphygmomanometers consists of the Baum Latex or Non-Latex Bulb and Air-Flo® Control Valve

The Baum Air-Flo® Control Valve

  • Instantly responsive
  • Smooth operating and long wearing
  • Conical valve seat is inegral with the valve body, it cannot loosen and cause leakage.
  • Valve body is solid brass, first nickel then chrome plated.
  • All key interior parts are stainless steel for corrosion-free, non-stick operation
These are just some of the features which make Baum Air-Flo® Control Valve The standard by which others are judged.


  • All Latex items are natural rubber Latex.